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Stand up paddling is a great activity to do with friends or the whole family. Small kids can already sit in front of the board (with a life jacket) when one of their parents is paddling and bigger children can also easily learn how to do it.

We share some of the ones we have tested so far, and then all you have to do is get on a board and try for yourself!


We are new to stand up paddling and don’t have any of our own boards. We’ve found this to be a great and affordable way to explore the different beaches around Lake Geneva.

LA PLAGE DU REPOSOIR – on the lake

This lovely beach on the Chambésy side of the lake is ideal for stand-up paddlers of all levels. The beach is clean, the water is calm and expansive and the SUP centre here is excellent, offering individual and group lessons throughout the season, as well as summer camps for children. (Superkid)

The centre has different types of paddle boards for rent and you can lock your valuables in lockers while you’re out on the water. We rented two adult boards, a children’s board and I had one child sitting on my board, who occasionally helped to paddle.

The water here is calm and you can paddle out quite far without worrying about currents. We spent hours on the water and loved it. This beach is ideal for beginner paddlers or families. They offer paddle board yoga sessions, though we haven’t tried these here yet.

The Facilities:

The beach offers a restaurant and buvette (where we had some hot dogs and fries) toilets, a shower and a lawned beach, as well as 50 parking spaces.

If you’re coming by bus, take bus 1 and get off at Jardin Botanique, from where it’s a 10 minute walk.


from CHF 15 per hour for adults CHF10 children.


SUP Genève : la Plage du Reposoir, 22 rte de Lausanne, 1292 Chambésy

More info:

TROPICAL – on the lake

This popular spot on the quai de Cologny is great for stand-up paddlers and offers lessons for various levels and boards to rent. Afterwards, top up your tan or sip cocktails under the palm trees in one of the two lakeside bars, which also offer hamburgers, nachos and other types of light snacks.

We also loved the paddle board yoga session we did here early one morning – offered in conjunction with Yoga Shop Geneva – read our article about our session last year here. Great views on the Rade, the Jet d’Eau from here.

We found the currents a bit more tricky to navigate andwouldn’t recommend going out with young kids alone. The beach gets quite busy as the centre also offers wake boarding, windsurfing and other types of water sports.


Toilets, showers and two bars. Lockers are available too. Closest parking: Geneva Plage.


CHF15 per hour for children, CHF20 for adults. You can also rent the boards for up to 12 hours or take out a seasonal membership

More info:


5 quai de Cologny 1203 GENEVE


A beautiful pebbly beach with enormous lawns behind it and many trees offering loads of shade on a scorching day, the Plage de la Savonnière is a great place to while away a summer’s day.

We rented paddle boards (CHF20 per hour for adults) from GE Paddleand the friendly instructor took his time to ensure we were safe (they offer private courses and teambuilding sessions too).


The buvette, also run by the GE Paddle team – was a real discovery. They offer fresh ‘écrevisses’ – crayfish freshly delivered from the lake every morning and prepared with garlic and parsley, which we will definitely try next time.ublic toilets (closed from November-March), Buvette, shower, open air massage (enqure at GE Paddle), Play Park.


Chemin Armand-Dufaux 13, 1245 Collonge-Bellerive


Opening Hours: 8am-11pm (the buvette closes at 10pm)

Top Tip:

Take rubber shoes for the pebbly beach

Note: No dogs allowed

More info:

Check the #GE Paddle facebook page for more info about events, paddle boards and competitions etc.

Click here for website

BAINS DE PAQUIS – on the lake

During the summer this popular city beach also rents out paddle boards at CHF15 per hour – at the entrance to the beach. Although we love this spot, we haven’t actually tried paddling here – so, let us know if you have. There are no lessons being offered here.

Sunning, eating and chilling is always good here.


Reasonably priced, healthy meals and snacks, showers, changing cubicles, public toilets.


CHF15 per hour per adult


Quai du Mont-Blanc 30
CH – 1200 Genève


We have two paddle boards of our own, a bigger one and a children’s board for our eldest son, but they can also be rented in several places locally. We’re lucky to be spoilt for choice when it comes to good locations for paddling inGeneva.

LA PLAGE DE MIES – on the lake

We like going to the Plage de Mies (about 30 minute drive from Geneva) as there are often a lot of paddling families out there. You cannot rent a paddle board here, though, so this is a good location when you already have your own paddling board.

The Facilities:

A public grill is available and it’s on gas so very easy to include a BBQ in your day on this beach. Otherwise, of course, you can bring your picnic. There is also a nice buvette: Buvette de la Plage.

Public toilets are available, and there is a small parking lot. Water shoes are convenient here as the beach has small stones, so sensitive feet beware.

First time we went paddling here this season was in April 2018, the lake was still a bit chilly but that didn’t spoil our fun!


Plage de Mies
Route Suisse
1295 Mies

PENEY- on the river Rhone

Well-known spot for paddlers on the Rhone river. This is the part where there is not so much current. You can park in the small parking lot on your right just after passing the restaurant Café de Peney when you are coming from the direction of Satigny. If you’re looking for some refreshments later, the Café de Peney has a terrace, and on some days with good weather they also sell ice-cream.

Don’t have your own board yet? At this location in PeneyLaSauceSup Eliquidorganises a group outing/tour of about 7-8kms on the Rhone river every Wednesday for all levels of paddlers. So whether you are already experienced, or a beginner, it doesn’t matter! The first time you join the tour, it is free and if you like it, you pay CHF10 for the next tours you join in on.

If you don’t have a paddle, you can rent a board but you will have to let them know in advance. You can also contact them directly if you are really looking to just test paddling, without being part of a tour.

More info on the tour on the Rhone river:

Cost: First tour free, thereafter CHF10 per adult.

Meeting point: Parking Peney next to the rubbish dump. Google map link:


Our guest blogger Laura writes her own blog – Let’s Explore, where she shares her tips and ideas for travelling with children. Originally from Holland, she now lives in Switzerland with her French-Swiss husband and two boys. Passionate about cultures – whether they be far away or closer to home, she sees moving around as a ‘school of life’.

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