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24 avis sur Foggy Bottom

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Quenton M.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
Nashville, TN

They don’t care about your safety or about their customers getting a $ 300 ticket.
After the trip; I walked up to the front office and asked for the owner.
I told her about my experience/​what happened.
She told me,. «It’s NOT my responsibility to keep up with your safety, I have hundreds of people everyday…»
Asking does that even have to go for your employees watching us get in with out out jacket?
Her reply «Yes»
I will never refer or talk nicely that this company!

The river itself is beautiful, though when I went in late May the water level was very low (wading or waist deep in most places). This place is just super disorganized. We arrived around 1 pm on a Sunday and they said it would be a 3040 min wait to get on the vans, but it was definitely more than an hour. When we arrived at the drop-​off point we had to wait in the van for another ten minutes while some other vans moved out of the way. There was a small entry via stairs and only one boat can load at a time. And if we were the only company or bus there, it would have been fine. But there were 6 other groups there with six to eight boats for each van… It was chaos and took another 30 minutes just for us to get into the water! And we were among the first in our group. There’s no leadership from the FB staff, saying who will go when and how it all works with the different companies. They really need to widen the docking/​boat loading zone to accommodate 34 boats at a time at a bare minimum, especially if there are several companies competing for the same space. Kind of ridiculous.
Similar deal at the end, too. When unloading our boat, the attendant took it from us but said nothing about how to get back to the outfitters. I, my boyfriend, and probably ten others using FB canoes, were standing around for about 15 minutes expecting a ride back, as all the other companies were giving rides. Finally we overheard someone asking about rides and the guy from ANOTHER company said if we are with Foggy Bottom, we should walk up the hill and to the left on the road.
I just think they need to do a better job reinforcing communication about their policies and there are ways to make the process smoother of actually getting on the river.

Cassie S.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Nashville, TN

A friend and I rented kayaks here last fall and had such a fun time! They were so friendly and accommodating. The river was pretty low, but we were still able to have a great trip down the river. I look forward to coming back again soon!
It does get crowded on weekends — both at the sign-​up area and on the river, so I recommend trying to go during the week!

Joshua V.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
West Chicago, IL

Quick and easy check in with the printed waivers. After waiting for an available van to take us to our drop off, we were on the river. We did the 4 hr river ride from gus… Something. Very scenic, very pretty.
Kesha had also used their services before so there’s that.
Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Maurea R.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Antioch, TN

Absolutely the nicest folks! We only rent from them when we kayak the Harpeth river and we’ve never had a problem. Love this place!!!

Consumer V.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Franklin, TN

Visited Foggy Bottom today for the 5 mile canoe trip. Staff at the sign up desk was very friendly, but the rest of the customer service was pretty poor. It took about 45 minutes of standing around before we were able to get into the boat. All the while, the young gentlemen that were dropping our canoes into the river were telling each other stories of yesterday’s «bit*h» customers and arguing over which one of them would perform which duties.
The 5 mile ride was pretty though not very shaded. There were signs letting us know that the river was low and we might scrape the bottom. Was it ever low. We had to get out and push ourselves off rocks and sandy bottom multiple times. I’d pick another canoe livery but would go back to the same river.
EDIT: I heard from the business owner who was very concerned with my review. He has taken the complaints into consideration and is rectifying the issues. I feel as though this was an isolated incident and will now recommend and probably return to try them again.

(Video) FOGGY BOTTOM - Dans Cet Endroit

Ronnie R.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Pegram, TN

If you are planning on floating the Harpeth river this is the company to go with! Very nice people!

Emily B.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Nashville, TN

We have been to this place at least 5x. I LOVE IT! We have been to several float spots and nothing compared. They are so friendly and the owners are so personable.
Celebrities use Foggy Bottom to kyake or canoe. The water is always calm, usually always up and is pretty clean. Now. The name foggy bottom is just that, the river is foggy and it is the Harpeth river. Happy canoeing or kyaking. Be safe and no booze allowed, better disguise it if you bring it!

Katie Y.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Franklin, TN

Guys working there were very friendly and helpful. We rented 1 canoe & 2 inter tubes. We did the kids route. It took us about 1 ½– 2 hours. Our girls had a blast. Very quiet and peaceful on the water. We went mid afternoon during the week.

Gaby L.

Évaluation du lieu : 3
Nashville, TN

Our first time here was yesterday (Sunday July 26th). I called and reserved four kayaks the day before and we were set to go. Being a Sunday, it was very busy but once we got to the office it was very easy to check in and pay. It was our first time kayaking and the person in the office was very nice in helping us decide which would be the best trip to take. Once we were set, we were then told to grab life vests and paddles and wait for our name to be called. A few minutes later, a guy drove up to drop us and other paddlers at the river. Then you’re off to a river adventure!
I have to say that this place deserves 5 stars, but I’m only giving 3 stars because the seat in my husband’s kayak was broken and couldn’t rest his back while kayaking. His back started hurting halfway and he had to switch kayaks with one of our friends (it was one of the blue and white kayaks). Aside from this issue, everything was great. It was a very fun experience and we are looking forward to going back and trying out a longer route. Prices, different trips/​routes, and helpful tips are available on their website.

Matt S.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Austin, TX

These are really fine folks to give your business to. My wife and I bought our own canoe about a year ago, due in large part to the pleasure we got from our multiple times renting with Foggy Bottom. Everyone who works here is laid back and pleasant to talk to, and they keep the shuttles to the put-​in points running at a brisk pace, making for very bearable wait times even on busy days. Also, if you have your own canoe/​kayak and want to do a solo float down the river, or if you are with someone but only want to drive a single car (rather than doing the 2-​car put-​in and take-​out point tango), they will shuttle your boat for you for $ 10-​$ 15.
They offer a small variety of treks, from short lengths of the river to several-​hour 7-​mile sections. If memory serves, these trips run anywhere from about $ 30 to $ 50. You have to get there early in the day (before noon, I think) to do the longer treks, since you are supposed to be off the river before evening time. The routes are really beautiful stretches of the Harpeth River, lined in several places by dramatic bluffs, and on occasion with gravel banks. It is really worth the effort, I think, to drag along a butterfly chair or two with you to sit by the riverside and enjoy the scenery every now and again, not to mention the contents of the all-​but obligatory cooler which you have in tow, as well.

Dr. S.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Dauphin Island, AL

First time here. My son and I did one of the longer trips. The pickup and drop went fine. Equipment was good. Price was right. They provide a ziplock for your phone and store your car keys if you want. And yes, you should. As the guy said, «there are a lot of keys on the bottom of that river.»
We went on Friday. Not crowded.

You can’t beat Foggy Bottom for renting a canoe or kayak on the Harpeth River. First, they are all really nice to deal with. Second, you get a fair price. Third, they have excellent canoes and kayaks. Fourth, they have a neat area for camping With Access to Bathrooms/​Showers! Fifth, and not least, they love animals! So, don’t consider anybody else. Go there! Now! And, I do not benefit financially from this endorsement in any way.

Caitlin C.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Nashville, TN

They have cats. The end.
Just kidding but no really they do have cats, do you need to know anything else? They seem to be running a sort of halfway house for kitties and they take donations. I don’t know what this has to do with canoeing but who cares! They’re doing a good thing. Anyway we decided to avoid the weekend crowds and go on a Wednesday. When we called them up on Tuesday night to reserve a canoe they said that we were the only people at that point to even make a reservation. We got there early to try to get out on the river before the heat of the day and I’m sure glad we did. Good lord we couldn’t have picked a better day! Not too hot, lots of breeze and passing clouds. Although I did burn the tops of my knees, we didn’t roast out there.
They have different trip options with varying lengths at affordable prices and the nice thing is they have an army of ‘dudes’ to haul the canoe in and out of the river for you. They provide life jackets but no instruction on how to canoe, although we didn’t ask. Honestly though, it is self explanatory and really you don’t learn how to do it until you are actually in the boat experimenting anyway. I highly recommend bringing lunch, hat and water. I don’t recommend swimming because the Harpeth runs up against lots of farm land, which means lots of run off, which means lots of pollution. It’s very very pretty, if not a little trashed — we saw a bunch of tires and bud light beer cans. It’s mostly quiet and in some places all you can hear is the breeze and water.
For how close this is to Nashville, I can’t help but recommend it. Go during the week or get there early before the drunkies show up. We were the only people on the river except for another couple with their own kayaks.

Mechelle M.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Brentwood, TN

We had a great time canoeing today. The staff is friendly and the facilities are fine.
The drop-​off was as expected, but the return was not good. You have to walk across a busy intersection and then along the hwy to get back to your car. With a small child and our hands full of our belongings, I did not feel safe and would have appreciated a heads-​up about that beforehand.
Overall, it was great!

(Video) Kingston Springs Tennessee Winter Storm 2021

Michelle H.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Nashville, TN

My favorite!!!
You show up. You chat with the friendly folks. You pet the fat cat. You pay a reasonable amount. (Granted, I have done zero comparison shopping on this, but it’s reasonable to me.) They offer snacks and sunscreen and sunglasses and other things you might have forgotten. They also have maps so you can see the different route options and decide if you’re in for a long haul or a short trip. You chat with strangers about how awesome kayaking is. (Or canoeing.) You grab your life jacket and climb in a van. You’re driven to the put-​in. You have an amazing day on the water.
(Rock skipping…) You get to the pick-​up site. Leave your boat. Walk across the street to your car. (Or call their shuttle.) What are we doing with our lives? Let’s go!

Liz D.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Nashville, TN

We came here for the canoeing because it was the best rated on the river, and were not disappointed! The people there are so friendly and helpful, they got us out on the river real quick and let us be on our way. We didn’t have any trouble, even though it was our first time on the Harpeth. It’s an easy ride down and many people were stopped on the side, having picnics and fishing. The canoes were reliable, the lifejackets were clean and good quality. We got to the end of our route and were promptly picked up by the Foggy Bottom guy. If you can, help him out– he deserves a break! He pulled up 5 canoes when we were there. Anyways, love this group of people and would definitely rent from them again. Nothing but good things to say!

Jennifer P.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Nashville, TN

This place is pretty awesome. We did the 3.5 hour canoe trip, and although it was quite the workout, it was so much fun!
My only complaint is that the water sometimes is pretty low and we got stuck quite a bit. So if you plan to go, I’d recommend the kayak’s over the canoes because they seemed to get stuck less.
Otherwise, its a great way to spend an afternoon and it won’t break the bank!

Paul K.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Nashville, TN

Best place I’ve rented from I think.
Forgot sunscreen? They have it at a reasonable price.
Want to leave your keys? They provide that service for free.
Want to hear a story about a stray cat? They got you covered.
The driver dropped us off and carried roughly half of the canoes down to the water for our van load.
Map and picture of where you’re going to be picked up? Covered.
The prices were a bit high on memorial day weekend, I’m not sure if they’re that all the time or not, but from start to finish this was the most well set up place I’ve gone.
The only thing to keep up with is if you’ve rented a kayak, make sure they know it as the vans are pre-​loaded with canoes. We almost got started and my kayak had been missed. Not something to worry about missing unless you were seriously pre-​gaming the trip.
One thing in general to note, a lot of people don’t realize that «Canoe» means «Divorce» in many languages. If you have not canoed, or you’re with someone who has not, make sure you know what you’re doing. The quick rundown is person in back controls 80% of the steering. paddles closer to the boat = power forward, paddles out = turn. The other person in the boat is not your enemy. If you can’t handle frustrating learning curves or don’t want to risk losing a friend, get a kayak. They’re light, easier, and the ones for non-​professionals do not hold you in if you flip… you fall out the same as with a canoe.

Kim Y.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Nashville, TN

Great little place! Fair prices, nice service even when they were SLAMMED. My canoe-​mate forgot sunscreen (and I had just pre-​lathered up in SPF 1 million, so I didn’t have to pack it) and we expected to be ripped off buying it there, but guess what? Only 3 bucks!
They were nice and knowledgeable about the river, we asked about a few little places we had a major spill last year and they told us not to worry it had washed away, thanks guys!
They had a wide variety of trips for families with kids (2 miles, 1 hour) to longer trips for the more adventure-​some. All were priced accordingly. Another bonus, unlike having to pay extra across the street to leave your car keys in a locker, Foggy Bottom has a sign actually begging you to leave your keys behind while they watch them for free. Its the little things people ;) They also sold $ 2 ‘redneck dry boxes’ aka old deli take out containers! Great idea and I got a good laugh out of it.
Cute family environment, lots of kiddo’s and a gal at a stand selling treats for a buck. They also have a great friendly cat named Wilma, sold! Foggy Bottom is my new ‘go-​to’ one stop Harpeth shop.

Carrie W.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Nashville, TN

Keeping it simple… these guys are awesome.
Super friendly, both on the phone and in person.
Very reasonable rates for very decent equipment (the life vests have seen better days, but that’s probably because they spend most of their time in the bottom of the boat, right?)
90 canoes and 45 kayaks (which have been sold out in advance almost every weekend this summer — plan wisely) — shuttle service (bring your phone to call at the end)
When we got back into town last night, we met some friends for a beer — talking about our ride down the Harpeth, not one, not two, but THREE different people said, «Did you use Foggy Bottom? Good.»
(well, they didn’t all say it exactly like that, but you get the point — when you want to float the Harpeth, call Foggy Bottom)

Ian R.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Nashville, TN

Very friendly, very affordable canoe rental shop on the Canoe highway that is Hwy 70 in Pegram. They were completely wiped out in the great flood on 010, but they are back in business. Prices are considerably lower than the competition and the canoes are perfectly fine for the recreational canoe-​er (pretty sure that’s not a word.)
Me and the family spend a day on the river recently instead of trying to fight the crowds at the Germantown festival. We all agreed that we made the right choice (even my wife who fell out of the canoe).
So if the weather is nice and you feel like getting a little away from it all I would highly recommend foggy bottom.

Michael P.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Nashville, TN

After a brief and unpleasant phone conversation with the canoe establishment a cross the street I called the fine folks at Foggy Bottom. They were pleasant and helpful AND they charged half the price to shuttle our kayaks to the river. They told us a great place to park our car so at the end of out run we could just get out, load up the kayaks and go home. I had forgotten my life vest so I asked how much it would be to rent one for the day «oh honey just take you one from out there and throw it in one of our vans at the take out when you’re finished». «no charge?» «no, just give it back when you’re done». Now that great! The plastic paddle pushers across the street grilled me on the phone looking for extra things he could charge me for and all the Foggy Bottom folks wanted to do was to insure we had a pleasant experience, now that’s good business! I will definitely use them again for kayak trips!

J W.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Tallahassee, FL

Maybe this is really a review for canoeing on the Harpeth River. Go and do it if you haven’t. We had a group of 15 people and it was comedic and memorable.
I made a reservation, but when we got there they said, «OH, we forgot to tell you on the phone that you can’t make reservations on Saturday after 2:00.» So my group had to wait.
But aside from that, the staff was really friendly and helpful. The canoes were in good shape — very important. They had a variety of runs you could take. The van was big enough to take all of us to the river.

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