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A lot of people think about Texas as a land where nothing is going on and everyone lives to ride horses or go hunting. In fact, this is the biggest state in the Southwestern United States. Its population is just under 26 million people, and the most popular activity in Texas is bass fishing. From Lake Dallas to Galveston Bay you can find many different kinds of fish. So if you ever come here kayak fishing in texas might become your favorite pastime. Let’s start this journey off right by getting some insider information on where to go, what to catch and how to catch it!

The best Kayak Fishing spots in Texas

1. Lake Tawakoni: located 50 miles east of Dallas/Fort Worth this place will definitely produce the results you are looking for, with its 45000 acres it is one of the biggest lakes in Texas that allows boating. It has lot of vegetation near the shore, so be careful when navigating your kayak. When fishing here you can use either artificial or live bait, for example minnows. The fish you are most likely to catch here are Striped Bass, Hybrid Striper and White Bass. This lake is very productive in the Springtime, so it’s probably best to go during this time of year.

2. Lake Texoma: it is located on the border between Texas and Oklahoma, very close to Denison. If you are looking for bass, your best option is to go there in the summer. Because this place gets so hot during those months, the fish migrate from deep waters closer to the surface where they are easier to catch. This lake has a lot of vegetation as well and you should be careful not to run into it and damage your propeller. Some other types of fish you can expect to catch here are Crappie, Channel Catfish and Flathead Catfish.

3. Lake Amistad: this is the only natural border lake in United States located in both Texas and Mexico. What is interesting about this place is that it is full of cliffs, so if you are looking for a challenge with your kayak fishing in Texas this is the place to go. If you’re here, you can expect to catch White Bass, Striped Bass and Tilapia.

4. Lake Houston: as it turns out some of the best kayak fishing spots in Texas are near the cities. Lake Houston is very close to Houston and offers many different types of fishing. If you’re here, expect to catch lots of White Bass, Crappie and Largemouth Bass.

5. Toledo Bend Reservoir: this is the biggest lake in Texas by surface area located near Anahuac, TX that also allows boating. Toledo Bend is full of trees which are great because they give shelter to the fish. You can usually catch catfish, Red Fish, Bass and Stripers here.

6. Sam Rayburn Reservoir: located near Bon Weir, TX it is one of the most popular places for fishing in Texas. It has 409000 acres which allows you to explore all kinds of different fishing spots. Most people recommend using live bait when fishing here, but artificial lures also work well. You can expect to catch catfish, Crappie, Bream and Catfishes of all kinds here.

7. Choke Canyon Reservoir: located near Three Rivers this is another popular spot for kayak fishing in Texas. Here you can find Largemouth Bass (use chatterbait!), White Bass, Channel Catfish and Blue Catfish. The best time for kayak fishing in Texas here is during the Spring or Fall.

8. Falcon Lake: located on the border between Mexico and Texas there is a long history of disputes about this area being part of either country. When you are out on the water it is very clear that this place belongs to the fish, as the lake has a very high concentration of them. You can catch Perch, Bass and Tilapia here.

What are the best places to get your fishing gear in Texas?

As you can see from all these great kayak fishing spots in Texas there is always an opportunity to spend some time out on the water and catch some fish for dinner. But, the right equipment is an important part of this so it’s good to know where you can get your fishing gear.

1. Academy : located in Spring Branch, TX this store offers all kinds of different fishing gears including rods and reels, boats and kayaks as well as lures and accessories.

2. Cabela’s : located in Grand Prairie, TX this store offers all kinds of different fishing gears including rods and reels, boats and kayaks as well as lures and accessories.

3. Bass Pro Shop : located in Grapevine, TX this store offers all kinds of different fishing gears including rods and reels, boats and kayaks as well as lures and accessories. 4. Dick’s Sporting Goods : located in Grapevine, TX

5. Sportsman’s Warehouse : located in Fort Worth, TX

this store offers all kinds of different fishing gears including rods and reels, boats and kayaks as well as lures and accessories.

Can you find kayak fishing charters in Texas?

You already know that there are lots of great spots for kayak fishing in Texas , but a lot of people also enjoy going on kayak fishing charters either because it’s their first time fishing or just because they want to ensure success. So, if you’re interested in this you might want to check the following spots for fishing charters:

1. Falcon Lake Charters: located in Laughlin AFB, this fishing charter offers 8 hour trips that include transportation and all the equipment you need for catching fish.

you can read more about transportation of your kayak right here

2. Virtual Kayak Fishing Guide Service : located in Galveston, this is a great option if you’re looking to go kayak fishing with your family or children as it’s very mild and you can also catch crabs, shrimp and more.

3. Adventure Kayak Fishing Adventures : located in Surfside Beach, this is a great option for fishing enthusiasts that love chasing after redfish. This service even includes lessons if you’re new to kayaking or fishing so it’s ideal for beginners too.

4. Sunset Kayak Fishing Charters : located in South Padre Island, this fishing charter is a great option for you if you want to catch some redfish or snook.

5. Starry Night Catamaran & Kayaks : located on the San Jacinto River, this kayak fishing trip is great for people who love chasing after bass

Your best chance to book a kayak fishing tour is fishingbooker.com.

What is the best fish to catch in Texas?

We already mentioned that there are lots of different kinds of fish you can catch in Texas but which ones should you target?

1. Crappie : this is a good option if you’re new to fishing as it’s not too demanding and also very tasty. This kind of fish goes well with a number of other kinds including bass, black and white perch and bluegill.

2. White bass : this fish is best caught in the Spring and according to Texas Parks & Wildlife it’s also known as Striped Bass or Striped Black Bass. If you can get your hands on some shad for bait, you’ll be onto a winner here.

3. Blue Catfish : this fish is best caught in March or April. You can use cut bait to catch them, but they are frequently found near the surface so you might want to try lures too.

4. Spotted Sea Trout : if you’re after a trophy size during your kayak fishing excursion then this is what you should target as these fish can grow up to 10 lbs.

5. Tarpon : this fish can be found in water ranging from 1 ft to 99 ft and you should target them in the estuaries during May, June and July when they’re feeding on crabs and mullet.

You can identify them by their silvery scales and narrow tip.

6. Red drum : this is a great fish to catch as the taste is magnificent, but you should only target them between April and September when they’re moving from saltwater into freshwater areas to spawn.

7. Black drum : these are very similar to red drum as the only difference here is that their eyes have a dark spot in them. You should target these fish in the same time frame as red drum.

Do I need a fishing license in Texas right now?

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is in charge of granting fishing licenses for freshwater and saltwater angling, so if you’re wanting to go kayak fishing in the state it’s important that you do get one. To make things easier we made a list with all the different types of licenses and fees:

1. Resident Freshwater Fishing – $25 for 1 year, $48.75 for 3 years and $101.50 for 10 years

2. Resident Saltwater Fishing – $30 for 1 year, $53.50 for 3 years and $121.50 for 10 years

3. Non-resident Freshwater Fishing – $90 for 3 days

Where can you fish for free in Texas?

As we said before, fishing licenses in Texas are really affordable and you can even get one for free if you’re a senior or totally disabled.

1. Public Fishing Areas : this is the best place to go if you want to fish without breaking any laws as it’s legally permitted by TPWD. These areas include boat ramps, water accesses, riverways and even some lakes. Plus they make the perfect place to go if you want to teach someone how to fish.

2. Public Fishing Lakes : this is another great option for catching your limit without spending too much money as TPWD charges $3 per day or $10 annually for these areas. These lakes are usually found on smaller rivers.

3. Public Fishing Lakes in City Parks : these are also great if you only have a limited time of access to the water. These lakes usually charge $5 per day or $15 annually and they’re normally stocked with fish like largemouth bass, speckled trout, black crappie, white bass and bluegill.

What fishing season is it right now in Texas?

Most of the times, it will be illegal to go fishing in Texas between March 1st and September 30th. This is when fish seek warmer waters for spawning.

Fishing seasons here are also called ‘Conservation Seasons’ because TPWD wants to increase the size of each fish caught so there isn’t any overfishing. To the contrary, he also wants to make sure people are having fun with their fishing trips so there aren’t any ‘Catch & Release’ restrictions.

What are the fishing seasons in texas?

1. Spring : this lasts from February 1st to May 31st and the only fish that’s off limits is catfish (except for spotted sea trout). You can also keep red drum, black drum and blue catfish. During the spring you’re most likely to catch largemouth bass, white bass, striped bass, green sunfish, redear sunfish, bluegill, white crappie and black crappie.

2. Summer : this season lasts from June 1st to August 31st and the only fish that’s not allowed to be caught is catfish (except for spotted sea trout). You can also keep red drum, black drum and blue catfish as long as they’re not under 18 inches. During the summer you should be fishing for largemouth bass, white bass, striped bass, green sunfish, redear sunfish and common carp if you go deep enough.

3. Fall : this season lasts from September 1st to November 30th and there aren’t any species limitations except for spotted sea trout.

4. Winter : this season lasts from December 1st to January 31st and the only fish that’s off limits is catfish (except for striped bass). You can also keep red drum, black drum and blue catfish if they’re above 20 inches long. During the winter you should be fishing for striped bass, spotted sea trout, red drum, black drum and blue catfish.


Texas has a lot to offer when it comes to kayak fishing. There are so many different species and ways of catching them that it would be a good idea to put on some warm clothes, get your kayak or canoe and go explore.

Of course you can also book guided tours to give you an idea of where to go fishing but if you ask us, it’s not really necessary.

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